The Intermediate Line Podcast

Episode 104 - Pip Clement

August 6, 2021

On Episode 104  we chat to one of the most unsung heroes of Australian Fly fishing and Fly tying today.... Pip Clement. What sets Pip apart from some of the guys of his vintage is not only his incredibly well rounded fly fishing experience from around the world, his ability to fish well locally (which is the highest pedestal) nor his incredible fly tying skills... the thing that sets Pip apart from the loudest personalities in the flyfishing game is keen interest to foster the future of the sport, not for money or sponsorship, but for the love of it!! Whether its industry professionals or kids in the tackle store, Pip is never one to make his actions about himself. A true gentleman / and loose unit all at the same time, Pip is an asset to the fishing community as a whole and it is an honour to have on the show for a second time.

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