The Intermediate Line Podcast

Episode 110 - Kiel (pronounced Uncletwist) Jones

September 17, 2021

On Episode 110 we chat to staunch Victorian and full time guide, Kiel Jones. Kiel as mentioned is a full time guide working at Millbrook Lakes in Victoria. On the show we chat to Kiel about that 31 lake setup and what sort of diversity that amount of lakes offers customers of Millbrook. Also we learn in this show that Kiel is also very close to setting yup for guiding in the salt also , specialising in Bream. This show in part is like listening to QLD V VIC as Kiel puts the foot down on how lorded introduced species like Barramundi and Saratoga simply because they suit the interests of rec anglers and their devastating impact on less desirable inhabitants is ignored. We also get to the bottom of the Instagram handle Uncletwist. 

Also on this show we morph into an organic chat about UV resins, the different types there are ( that's right not all resins are the same) in addition to the UV light spectrums and the impacts they have on UV resin performance. 


This show is brought to you by Beast Brushes and Manic Tackle Project 

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