The Intermediate Line Podcast

Episode 50 - Rod Harrison ( Harro )

July 3, 2020

Episode 50- To many, this man will need no introduction, but for those who are very new to the sport or have been sheltered from any form of Flyfishing media in the past 50 odd years, Rod Harrison or Harro as he is affectionately known as, is one on the most influential personalities in Australian fly fishing. If you don't know who he is, keep in mind that what your doing (saltwater and Australian natives on fly) may have been very different in Australia without this man. Harro has influenced not only the sport, but countless anglers and industry products from around the country including your hosts Voltzy and Chris. We are honoured to bring you this show

Also on this show we reflect on 50 episodes and 50,000 Downloads and also Voltzy's romper room mirror looks out to some of the highlights of the week in Australian Flyfishing.



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