The Intermediate Line Podcast

Episode 53 - Royce Shanks

July 24, 2020

Episode 53 - On this episode, we chat to the Luderick Jedi .... Royce Shanks. Royce is a second generation Sith Lord of all things Blackfish. We go over the technical aspects of fly fishing for Blackfish or Luderick. This species is very common along the eastern side of Australia and is considered a bread an butter species by many, they can be caught inside estuaries or on the edge of open water with either very basic gear or you can get as technical as you like. The flies that Royce uses are very interesting and are easily made by any fly tyer which make fly fishing for Luderick a very accessible species for a large part of the population for Australians and New Zealanders....


Join us as we allow the midichlorians of the dark side flow through us while we learn what we can in this, the latest saga of the The Intermediate Line strikes back.


We also discuss the latest poses you can do in front of camera so you can look red hot on the flats this summer


There is also a Podcast listener fly tying special offer.... its at the end



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