The Intermediate Line Podcast

Episode 95 - Dave Little (NQ Saltwaterflies)

June 4, 2021

On Episode 95 - We chat to all round top dude Dave Little who resides in Townsville ( North Queensland). Dave is the owner of NQ Saltwater Flies and on this episode we get to know Dave and what he does. We talk about Dave's fly selection and how he stays in his lane to offer his customers a well proven fly that he knows intricately. Dave is also a very diverse fisho, with a passion for all things Onkaparinka and thirst for adventure in amongst the tropical rainforest streams for one of his favourite fish Sooty Grunter. Not many people know Sooty Grunter like Dave who has spent more time than most experimenting with a range of flies and tackle and Dave shares a whack of knowledge on this show. Dave is equally at home on his Townsville flats which is renowned for its tropical flats species. Dave's flies reflect his fishing experiences and on this episode, I feel we illustrate the man the myth the legend quite well.

Checkout Dave's flies at the Australian Fly Tyers Co Op here

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