The Intermediate Line Podcast

Episode 99 -Morten Valeur ( Ahrex Hooks)

July 2, 2021

On Episode 99 we present a very special guest, Moreten Valeur joins us for a chat. Morten or Mo as he is known is one of the founders and owner of Ahrex hooks. For those that have been living under a rock, Ahrex hooks is a hook company that is dedicated to fly only hooks, they do not market or cater for conventional fishing which has them focus intently on the needs of Flyfishers and Fly tyers globaly. Ahrex is a company that has been born out of a flyfishing lifestyle, you will hear Mo describe his involvement in the fly-fishing industry for many years and how his latest venture in Ahrex has risen out passion to give back to the fly-fishing community. This is an interesting story that showcases Mo's fishing experience and how that transcended organically from a group of friends in Denmark designing hooks for their own fishing, to the hook of choice for the majority of fly tyers and fly fisherman around the world. Ahrex Hooks

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