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Episode98 - The Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance with Scott Mitchell

June 26, 2021

On Episode 98 we chat to Scott Mitchell who is the director of the Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance. The FCFA is a non profit organisation that's sole purpose is the see an improved ecosystem in and around the pristine waters of the Great Sandy Straights Marine park which is inside the world heritage listed Fraser Island. The main focus for the group at the moment is removing the anomaly of allowing inshore commercial netting within a designated yellow zone which is essentially the nurseries of the marine ecosystem. This anomaly ( indicated by red lines on GSMP maps) is unique worldwide to this area!! This is an issue close to both of the hosts, but for you as an angler, to pass this off as it doesn't apply to me, you are wrong!! This is a case of industry and commercial gain trumping environmental concerns and the concerns of those who use this marine park recreationally. If the FCFA doesn't get the support of you the recreational angler, no matter where you live in Australia or the world, your apathy is part of the problem.

Go to the Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance and read what you can do, it will take hardly any time compared to scouting the flats in search of fish that are declining faster than ever. Click here to go to the FCFA Website 

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